by Dispellment

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released September 7, 2015

Ikonoklast - Strings, Voice, Scripture
Sulfur - Assault and Battery
Æþelwulf - Death Rattles

Produced by Ikonoklast
Executive Producer Scott Coldwell
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Scott Coldwell

Recorded September 2014-January 2015 in Lucketts, Virginia.



all rights reserved


Dispellment Ashburn, Virginia

Dispellment is a 3-man black metal act from Loudoun County, Virginia.

Ikonoklast - strings, voice, and scripture

Æþelwulf - death rattles

Sulfur - assault and battery
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Track Name: Old Man Winter
Winds blow from the mountains through the trees
The falling snow calls out my name
I am old, cold, wretched
All in white
Freezing winter has come again

When the whole world shivers under ice
When darkness spreads across the earth
Know that the ritual is done
My name is called -- I am the end

When the snow has come
When you hear my name
Ice freeze out the sun
Night drive out the day
Track Name: Werwolfnacht
Night comes like a shadow
Darkening the hillside
Deep within the forest
A werewolf prowls

Moonlight catches his eye
A glint in the darkness
Torchlight growing nearer
Townsfolk hunting shadows
Silent as the grave
The moon crests the horizon
Teeth are growing longer
Claws are growing sharper

Werwolfnacht -- the full moon rises
Werwolfnacht -- mortal fucking terror

Screams in the night
Blood in the streets
Decapitated father
Sermon for the slaughter

Beast of night arise
Slaughter now your prey
Misanthropic monster
Ripping limb from limb
Track Name: Long Ago...
Long ago
When the nights were black
And no light but torches shone
On the darkness of the sky
Long ago
When the earth was cold
And the world was filled with mystery and death

Walls of stone and castles cold
Crypts so dark and magic black
None remains
But the shattered hulks of old
A shadow of the past
All in dust

I long for the days of old
Of days when lords would rule
And war was red
I long for medieval times
Long ago
When the evil cults still thrived
Track Name: Bone Dust Ritual
Through the trees we glimpse the ruins in the fog
The shadow of a black tower in the moonlight
A citadel of black stone covered in ivy
The altar of blood awaits us inside the sept

Entering the ruins we walk through a passage of standing stones
Moss on the rocks warns of death and smells of decay
Runes mark the monoliths solemnly standing around us
Signs of the magic worked by the ancients for ages

Bone dust and steel
Moonlight and black magic
Blood flesh and stone and the runes of doom
The drinking of blood gives us power
And the moon casts the shadow of the horns on our coven

In the center of the circle
The pentagram shines in the moonlight
Seven shadows point to the altar
Where the magus pulls an athame from his belt
We spread on the altar a body and bone dust
The ritual has begun
Track Name: Ancient Ikonoklasts
My name is Ikonoklast
My hand is my master's tool
My sword is of hellfire's make
My quest to defy those of the light

I am the sword of my lord
A knight all in black
Armored in hell's own steel
Cold evil and dead
I am the fires of hell
Licking at crucified feet
Burning all good from the earth
A scourge of the light

My guide is the nightside moon
My art is destruction of their own
My life is dedicated to death
My path the left hand and the great

I am the sword of my lord
A knight all in black
Armored in hell's own steel
Cold evil and dead
I am the fires of hell
Licking at crucified feet
Burning all good from the earth
A scourge of the light

My presence is a black spot on the earth
A shadow across the sun
And till my lord has need of me again
I byde my fucking time
Track Name: Hearing the Master's Call
And as the snow falls fast
Through the trees
It blankets all in cold resign
The crackle of the ice
Like vinyl
Footprints toward the graveyard
A lantern in the mist

Now all is white
And so cold
The sky bright like daylight
Though its night
The ice beneath my feet
Deep white snow
The mournful moon
My solemn light

Now come forth
Night crawlers and wights
Be my deathly guides
Through the night
I call to thee!

Hear me!

Gather now to end all days
Mark the hillsides with the blood of they
Who hide in terror of the night that came
And fear the power of your lord they blame

Come to me now in this night so cold
Snow will hide you and your pale white bones
Creatures ye have seen death and grave
Rise again for your master, slaves!